AAAA Comics Presents a New Sci-Fi Adventure!

Let me introduce you to AAAA Comics, a New York based Self-Publisher. Our first title is on sale now, ENDLESS SKY! Its the story of a human invasion of an alien world, taken from the alien’s perspective.

Issue One contains 24 pages of gorgeous art by New York artist Don Y. Louie, with story and dialogue by Pavel Martinez and Steven Bari, as well as 4 pages of original character designs, on glossy card stock! Oh Boy!

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The Nugrens, an agile, flesh-regenerating people of the planet Veas, agree to a peace treaty after 4 years of war with the human armada. Sylvus is a male general in a matriarchal society, who grapples with his role in politics, a burgeoning war with the humans, and living up to his late brother’s standards. His brother’s right-hand man, Meurys, a brooding, battle-worn warrior, uses his own paramilitary forces to destabilize the human occupation and Sylvus’ command. To make matters worse, Sylvus’ romantic relationship with Meury’s diplomat wife Nok skirts the possibility of undermining the Nugren government, leaving his people vulnerable to the sadistic machinations of the human Edward T. Fox.

Check the first six pages:

BUY NOW! at!

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