Cerebus Double Review @ ComicsBulletin.com

Cerebus Volume 10: Minds

The tenth volume of Dave Sim’s epic finds Cerebus floating in space,
holding on to an arm of the papal throne. Beside him is his worst
enemy, Cirin, clutching onto the other arm as much for the sake of
owning the throne as holding on for her own life. Surrounded by the
vastness of the galaxy, these two arrogant aardvarks must face the one
thing that blocks their Ascension: the Truth.

“An uncomfortable
truth is always preferable to a comfortable lie,” explains Dave Sim
speaking to Cerebus inside the three-foot-tall earth-pig’s head. The
dominant theme of this book, as well as the entire “Mothers and
Daughters” arc, is the necessity and validity of truth and its
consequences. This examination is delineated in two concepts: Cerebus’s
belief that Jaka will make him happy and Cirin’s denial of who she is

Cerebus’s relationship with Jaka is problematic. When
they met, he was a cuddly and charismatic fur ball. In actuality, this
persona was the effect of a “spell” that made him affectionate, loving,
and nothing like himself. Yet, the fact anyone could love him remained
with Cerebus. Every so often, he and Jaka would meet and try vainly to
rekindle that passion. He even continued to push himself on her despite
the fact that she had a husband. Cerebus equates Jaka with happiness
(i.e. being married to her, being with her, et cetera).


Cerebus Volume 11: Guys

After ten volumes of spiritual, political, literary, and comedic
exploration–as well as bending every rule of comic book form–Cerebus
finally gets to sit down and have a nice glass of scotch. Well, a
bucket of scotch, actually.

After being shown the truth of the universe and, more precisely, the truth about himself, Cerebus: Guys
takes its main character on the road of self-exploration. Faced with
the realization that his life is the bread and he is the baker, Cerebus
must learn to make himself happy . . . without destroying his liver. 



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