About Comics Blank Comic Contest!

blankcontestadSo, what would you do with a comic book that’s the usual size, 24 pages long, cardstock cover, and utterly blank? Sure, you could draw your own comic book story in it. You could use it as a sketchbook. You could use it to keep information to file in your comics collection. But what else?

“We know that the reason most comic shop customer complain about a given comic is the content,” explains About Comics publisher Nat Gertler, “so we decided to do away with that. Still, people need a reason to actually buy the comic, and that’s why we’re having this contest. We have some ideas of what people could do with The Blank Comic Book, but we want to hear more.” Details on the contest can be found at http://www.AboutComics.com/blankcontest.html

About Comics wants to know, because we’re bring The Blank Comic Book to stores in February. So we’re having a contest! Email your best idea to blankcontest@aboutcomics.com and include your name, address (U.S. and Canada addresses only, sorry!), and the name of your favorite comic shop.

  • GRAND PRIZE FOR THE BEST IDEA: roughly $100 worth of About Comics product – your choice of our “comics creation celebration pack” (Panel One: Comic Book Scripts by Top Writers, Panel Two: More Comic Book Scripts by Top Writers, 24 Hour Comics, 24 Hour Comics All-Stars, 24 Hour Comics Day Highlights 2004, and 24 Hour Comics Day Highlights 2006 – note, some of these contain nudity and sexual material), our “comics fun pack” (Charles M. Schulz’s It’s Only a Game and Schulz’s Youth, Kurt Busiek’s The Liberty Project, Lela Dowling’s Alice, Evanier & Spiegle’s Crossfire volume 1, Evanier & Meugniot’s DNAgents volume 1, The Licensable BearTM Big Book of Officially Licensed Fun, and Comics Jam War), or our “blank comics pack” (50 copies of The Blank Comic Book.)
  • RUNNER-UP PRIZES (4): Any one title from the above list

Enries must arrive by November 20, 2008. Entry into the contest grants About Comics the right to use your name and concept for promotional purposes. Decisions of the judges are final. In the case of multiple entries presenting the same or similar concept, a single winner will be selected from them based on specific phrasing and order of submission. Limit of one prize per person and per address. Employees of About Comics are underpaid and are not eligible.

About Comics is offering a pack of five of these standard comics-sized (6 5/8″ by 10 3/16″) 24 page blank booklets for $9.95. They are being offered via Diamond Comics Distributors December 2008 Previews catalog as well as through Haven Distribution, and will reach comic book stores in February, 2009. ISBN: 0-9790750-7-6, ISBN-13: 978-0-97907507-0

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