Blog Thoughts: Job Inqueries, Comic Book Publishing, Coffee, and Kate Bush


Two months ago, I quit my job and decided to rest on some savings to build my self-publishing company, AAAA Comics. I’ve been looking for work since, but so far nothing has panned out. Money is running short and my girlfriend and me are really feeling the crunch. Paying for bills is like pulling teeth. Seeing the bottom of your bank account is pretty devastating. I’m going to have to take up a menial job, and the prospect is equally depressing.

I don’t like dealing with people when they are customers. Any other social interaction is fine (maybe not mugging), but for some reason separating people with a display case or counter brings out the worst human emotions. As a customer, I am almost always greeted with disinterest and apathy. As a employee, customers are disgusted and inconsolable. Its a cycle of hate that I just don’t wanna jump into again, but well… I need the money.


But AAAA Comics getting off the ground! I’m working on contracts with all of my partners, Pavel Martinez and Don Y. Louie, as well as Chris Sorrentino who is developing the Endless Sky series for us. On Nov 8th, we will be hearing back from the Xeric Foundation on our grant, which will greatly help us in the next year. We need moneys for copyrights, printing (which I’m proud to say is cheaper thanks to ComiXpress), trademarks, an ISSN number, domain name, and incorporation. The total is about $4,000 and boy could we use that!


I drink too much of it. I love the taste and feeling of my first cup of coffee every morning. But the effect isn’t lasting long anymore, and I wonder if maybe I need to drink more, and more importantly, if I even should.

Kate Bush

I know a lot of people don’t like her, but her stuff from the 80s and 90s are really good. My musical taste tends to run on the gamut of really amazing to complete shit. I think she’s amazing. Apparently, Phil Collins, Michael Johnson, and America (the band) are not. What do I know?kate1Kate Bush – Cloudbusting

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