Amazing Spider-Man # 578 – Marcos Martin’s Photo-realism

Here’s a photo comparison of Marcos Martin’s art that got cut out from review of last week’s ASM.

Check it out:

asm-comparison-4What really got my attention this issue, however, was Martin’s New York. The subway station Peter enters reads “Clark Street.” Although there is such a station on the 2 and 3 lines, it does not look like that. Martin’s “Clark Street Station” is actually a conglomeration of the real Clark Street and Borough Hall Stations. Why does this matter? Martin photo-realistically captures the terrain in his Ditko-like style.
Although he smoothes over intricacies of design, Martin manages to convey the reality of the actual place even if it is a composite. As a New Yorker, I’m surprised when comic book artist go to such lengths for authenticity when it is so easy to go the Sex and the City route with an establishing shot of some New York landmark in every scene. It’s a beautiful layer of depth.



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