Glamourpuss # 4 – Extra Stuff!

How Dave Sim puts an Issue of Glamourpuss together?

Glamourpuss – Photo-realist Comparison: Chanel Ad


Matthew J. Brady’s Review of Glamourpuss #2

glam4Who knows what is going on with Dave Sim these days. Actually, who
knows what’s been going on for the last fifteen years or so, ever since
he turned his long running series Cerebus into a forum for personal
essays about the evils of women and other such bizarre opinions. But at
least while that series was going on, he had something to keep working
on, month in and month out. Now that he’s finished his life’s work,
what’s he supposed to do now?

Well, it looks like he’s
continuing to put out more of his idiosyncratic stab at refining his
artwork and examining its history. As with the previous issue, he
continues to redraw (or trace, if you want to be mean about it) panels
from the comic strips of Alex Raymond, filling the word balloons and
captions with commentary on the artistic styles used. This issue is
actually a bit easier to follow than the last one (for a non-artist
like me, at least), with less discussion of specific techniques and
equipment, and more of a look at the various competing “schools” of
photo-realistic comics art, including how they informed and built upon
each other, eventually morphing into the comics art styles that are
used today. It’s fascinating stuff for those who like to read about
that sort of thing, and it also reads a bit more smoothly than the
previous issue, with Sim even using word balloons to have a bit of a
dialogue with himself, rather than just fill them with the words of his
essay… More

The Full Norwich Notes from December’s Vogue

I know the resolution isn’t the best, but for sake of completeness, here’s the stupid article.


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