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Everyone’s favorite Jurassic Lesbian — DINOSAUR DYKE!!!

One part Devil Dinosaur, One part lesbian equals this bizarre comic strip, which grew out of a stray text my lesbian friend sent me. Beneath all of us is a little Dinosaur Dyke. Let her out! RAAAAWWWRRR!!!!

TID PIG #2!!!

Here is the second strip from Tid Pig, a super-pig out to save the world, plus two of Don Y. Louie’s original drafts. Enjoy!

Dusting off TID PIG!!!

Way back in 2008, I worked with Don Y Louie on a ridiculously unappealing comic strip called TID PIG, which was born out some half-drunk, half-high, fever dream about a pig who had superpowers but kept a secret identity as a… mild, mannered pig with glasses. Yeah, we almost got nominated for a Hugo Award with this strip. We made two strips, here’s the first, which is pretty funny still. Thanks Don!


A Farcical Adventure comic strip set in modern-day America, The Seventh Helmet follows four demon hunters in their victories and ever constant foibles. Apple is on road to Hell, out for revenge, trying to not look back; Faust is running from a past that doesn’t seem to forget his transgressions; Jeremy is a wide-eyed young wizard out to prove himself; and Birdie…. is a burly, foulmouthed bastard.

Check Out the first five episodes from WAAY back in 2008 up right NOW:

Just Super # 2

Just Super # 1

Part of my job, Property Managemnet is akin to Atlas sometimes (without any of that objectivist crap by the way). Case in point: Garbage.